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Brandon spends most of his time thinking about food, and the rest of his time thinking about how New Jersey could be a better, kinder place to live. Organizer, workshop facilitator, and chronic nerd for working class activism.

Public Need Over Corporate Greed Training

The Public Need over Corporate Greed campaign presumes that fundamental social change, in New Jersey and elsewhere, can only be achieved if workers, communities, and environmental organizations join forces to combat big moneyed special interests and corporate power. We are excited to announce that we have now trained 45 trainers who are prepared to educate [...]

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Extreme Inequality in NJ

As many Americans are painfully aware, income inequality in the United States today is extreme and growing exponentially. In fact, as of 2014, the top CEOs takes home 844 times what the average worker makes. And New Jersey is no stranger to the effects of runaway inequality, according to a recent story on WNYC, [...]

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Seeking: Movement Builders

Congratulations to the first round of trainers to complete the Public Need over Corporate Greed trainer apprenticeship program! Over the course of two days, more than 30 participants discussed movement building, the economics of both social and income inequality, and the concrete steps we can take to build a more equitable economy which works for [...]

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Let’s Build A Movement

Working people can’t seem to get ahead. As we watch the news, engage in our communities, and organize around our respective issues, it becomes more and more apparent that we are operating in a rigged economy, which works for a privileged few. Wall Street’s power and influence continues to thwart progress on our most [...]

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Strengthening Protections for Workers Against Wage Theft

Since 1986, the Work Environment Council of New Jersey has fought for safe, secure jobs and a healthy sustainable environment. We’ve spent years working to link workers, communities, and environmental activists through training, grassroots organizing, and policy campaigns. First and foremost, WEC is concerned with public health and the well-being of workers. But it’s important [...]

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What Is An Ideal Wage Gap?

According to public opinion polls, Americans typically believe a good pay ratio is 7 to 1. In other words, the top paid CEO in the United States should make 7 times what the average worker makes. And yet the American reality is much different. In fact, the top paid CEOs in the United States [...]

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Why Are Manufacturing Jobs Really Leaving The US?

It’s no secret that many of the international trade deals made by the United States have hurt workers both here and abroad. Several political leaders have targeted deals like NAFTA, and identified them as the source of many labor issues, including diminished safety and environmental regulations, and a horrific race to the bottom for [...]

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New Jersey, Standing Together

The election results on November 9th symbolized a terrible victory for the worst part of ourselves, and the worst parts of our national identity. Those results, which many of us witnessed with increasing despair in the early morning hours, will have immediate, ugly, concrete ramifications for all of us, for our culture, and for [...]

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Stand Up to Wall Street

If we want to put an end to Wall Street’s reckless strip mining of our economy, we must build a clear, shared understanding of runaway inequality, and a broad-based movement for fundamental economic justice. In order to help build a strong network of activists ready to take on Wall Street, WEC will be coordinating [...]

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