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WEC Director. Advocate for climate, peace, equality, democracy. Lover of bikes, beaches, food and mostly, family. Jersey native, world traveled.

Construction of Offshore Wind Farms Could Create More Than 75,000 New Jobs: Report from CAP and WEC

Ewing, N.J. – The construction of new offshore wind farms in New Jersey and other coastal states could lead to more than 75,000 clean energy jobs, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) and The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC). Examples in the United States and Europe show [...]

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Offshore Wind Means Blue-Collar Jobs for Coastal States

Center for American Progress and the New Jersey Work Environment Council co-released a report highlighting the jobs potential of clean energy. According to the findings, approximately 75,000 jobs could be created by the construction of offshore wind farms.   Read Full Report Press Release Center for American Progress [...]

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2018 Workers Memorial Day

Workers' Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died on the job or suffered workplace injuries, while raising awareness to prevent future illnesses, injuries and deaths. Respect for health and safety is respect for ALL workers. From opposing gun violence in our schools to the very real impact climate change is already [...]

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Transit Equity Rally

Transit Equity Rally: Workers & Community Members Demand Electrification of Transportation to Preserve our Climate and Create Jobs Jersey City, NJ – Dozens of people gathered at City Hall on Tuesday, February 6 to show support for the electrification of New Jersey’s transportation system. The event, organized by Jersey Renews in partnership with the Amalgamated Transit [...]

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Take on Wall Street? Apply for our Training!

Working people can’t seem to get ahead. As we watch the news, engage in our communities, and organize around our respective issues, it becomes more and more apparent that we are operating in a rigged economy, which works for the privileged few. Wall Street’s power and influence continues to thwart progress on our most [...]

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Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

WEC announced today that it is has signed on as a cooperating partner for the 2018 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF). The IPF is the number one technical conference for offshore wind in the United States hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind (the Network). The conference brings together the industry’s global [...]

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OSHA HazCom Standard Second Most Cited Violation

For two years in a row, the Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) 1910.1200 is the second most cited violation on OSHA’s Top 10 list. The sections within the HazCom standard most often violated include implementation of a HazCom program and training, followed by the requirement to maintain Safety Data Sheets. Are you aware of the major changes [...]

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Will NJ be a hub or bust for wind turbines?

The landmark 2010 Offshore Wind Economic Development Act should have made New Jersey a national leader in offshore wind. Yet, for seven years, little action has been taken to capitalize on this opportunity for creating family-sustaining jobs, increasing clean energy production, and stimulating economic development. Governor Christie, much like the Trump Administration has stalled, and [...]

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