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Mold Concerns in Our Schools

In another example of the severe facility conditions confronting many New Jersey public school districts, the Monroe Township public school district in Gloucester County has closed all district schools because of mold contamination concerns.  Students, parents, staff, and community members are concerned about the health and safety implications of mold contamination.  To learn more [...]

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Christie spent big on Statehouse’s ‘shameful’ health, safety conditions. Why not schools?

Christie was decisive in finding $300 million to address emergency conditions at the Statehouse.  However, the very conditions the governor decried in the Statehouse exist in public schools across New Jersey. Unfortunately, his approach to addressing similar, or worse, emergency conditions in Schools Development Authority (SDA) public schools has been woefully inadequate. Under Abbott [...]

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HSN Student Leadership Academy

The Healthy Schools Now Student Leadership Academy will provide an opportunity for students to receive training in civic engagement and to develop leadership skills. The focus will be to equip students to be advocates for school facility quality, but the lessons will be transferable, so that participants will be better equipped to advocate on [...]

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Lead Testing Results Must Be Public

On July 13, 2016, the New Jersey State Board of Education adopted regulations regarding testing for lead in drinking water for all educational facilities.  School districts were mandated to make all test results available at the school facility and on the district's website. The regulations also require notification to the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), [...]

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ELC & HSN Call on State to Address Emergent Health & Safety Repairs In Schools

The Healthy Schools Now coalition of the NJ Work Environment Council is proud to partner with Education Law Center in calling for the NJ Department of Education and NJ Schools Development Authority (SDA) to approve submitted Emergent Project requests from SDA districts.  With the most recent emergent projects submission deadline in September of 2016, [...]

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Time to Get The Lead Out

After the Flint lead crisis entered the public consciousness, the crisis of lead in drinking water became known as a national public health crisis. WEC was proud to stand with Environment NJ and NJ PIRG to announce the release of their jointly authored groundbreaking report ‘Get The Lead Out’ at the New Jersey Statehouse [...]

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Mercury Flooring Issue

The New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) and Healthy Schools Now coalition recently released a report Health and Safety Guide: Mercury Hazard in Schools from Rubber-Like Polyurethane Floors. Written by WEC’s industrial hygiene consultants, the report alerts school officials and maintenance staff of the potential health risk of rubber-like polyurethane [...]

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HSN Coalition Meeting March 7

Join the Healthy Schools Now coalition for our quarterly meeting on March 7, 2016 at 10 AM in Trenton, NJ. We look forward to continued discussion about how we can work together to ensure a healthy and safe school environment for all of New Jersey's public schools students. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Agenda [...]

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Gov. Christie Wants $300M To Fix His Office, But Schools Should Come First

Under the golden dome that dominates Trenton’s skyline, Governor Chris Christie recently denounced the deplorable condition of the New Jersey Statehouse. At a hastily convened announcement, Governor Christie bemoaned the quality of building that houses his office. “We have code violations throughout the place that could lead to a tragedy,” Christie told reporters as [...]

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Get The Lead Out Of N.J. Schools

Over the past year, the nation has watched a tragedy unfold in Flint, Michigan as an entire community's drinking water was contaminated with lead. Sadly, the problem extends well beyond Flint. In nearly 2,000 communities in every state across the country, tests have confirmed lead in the water coming out of residents' taps.  In [...]

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