Lauren Young Boukema

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About Lauren

Lauren serves as the Executive Vice President of CWA Local 1036 and has been with the Local since 2001, previously serving as a staff representation and then lead staff representative. Lauren works daily to enforce collectively bargaining agreements, advocate for the membership and build union strength in the workplace though internal organizing, mobilization and education. In addition to Lauren’s efforts around worker’s rights, Lauren focuses on environmental issues and improving policy around balancing work and family life, both professionally and in her community. Lauren received a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and a Master’s Degree in Labor and Employment Relations from Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

CWA Local 1036 represents 8,000 public sector and healthcare workers in NJ. CWA 1036 members keep our drinking water clean, enforce workplace health regulations in public sector workplaces, ensure accessible open space, parks and beaches, regulate and promote agricultural resources, and deliver critical public services like newborn health screening, public health and terrorism lab analysis, HIV/ AIDS services, and more. CWA Local 1036 represents government workers, including blue and white collar county and municipal employees; nursing home workers; technical professionals and scientists at the NJ State Departments of Environmental Protection, Health, and Agriculture; County Assistant Prosecutors; and State Judiciary employees.