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WEC is an alliance of labor, environmental and community groups and these newsletters provide just one more way to connect and reach our members.

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10/19/2017: WEConnect: Acting on Climate, WEC Awards Dinner, Right to Know, Mold in Schools, Federal Appointments, HazCom Training

09/15/2017: WEConnect: WEC Awards Dinner, Job Training Event, Hurricane Hazards, Public Programs, Emergent Repairs, Lead Testing 

08/15/2017: WEConnect: Offshore Wind Events, Remembering Adrienne Markowitz, Public Program, RMP Update, Addressing Inequality

07/28/2017: WEConnect: Workplace Violence Webinar, Offshore Wind Event, New Campaign Organizer, Oil Train Safety Bill Veto, RMP Update

06/19/2017: WEConnect: Better Budget Choices, Addressing Asbestos, Planning for Extreme Temperatures

05/10/2017 WEConnect: Acting on Climate, Protecting Our Safeguards

04/20/2017 WEConnect: Marches and Actions to Protect Workers and the Environment

03/21/2017 WEConnect: Saving Our Safeguards, Oil Train Safety Bill, Jersey Renews Kick-Off Events, National Worker Safety Platform, Workers’ Memorial Day

02/16/2017 WEConnect: Seeking Movement Builders, TSCA Chemical Review, Connecting with Labor on Climate, Protecting RMP Rule

01/30/2017 WEConnect: Jersey Renews Launch, Training for Public Need Over Corporate Greed, TSCA Still Needed, Silica


12/23/2016 WEConnect: New Report: ACCESS DENIED, Book Deal Defeated, Member Meeting Recap, Sandy Survey

11/23/2016 WEConnect: Member Meeting, Awards Dinner Recap, Accessing ERPs, Testing for Lead, Accessing Bridge Inspections

10/18/2016 WEConnect: WEC Awards Dinner, Linden 60-Day Notice, Temperature Control, Climate Event

09/14/2016 WEConnect: Stop TPP, Annual Awards Dinner, New Industrial Hygienists, Member Survey Reminder

08/10/2016 WEConnect: Oil Trains, Awards Honoree Profile, Chemical Safety, Intern Announcement

07/14/2016 WEConnect: WEC Awards Dinner, PEOSH update, Oil Train Safety Bill, Temperature Control, Infectious Disease, & Job Opening

06/23/2016 WEConnect: Call for for crude oil train transparency, welcome Jerell Blakeley, TSCA reform, Stop wage theft

05/12/2016 WEConnect: Verizon Workers, EPA Updates chemical security rule, Respect Our Right to Know Petition

04/21/2016 WEConnect: Worker Memorial Day, Lead in Schools, New Silica Rule and PSA

02/11/2016 WEConnect: Chlorine report, silica rule, Worker Memorial Day & media training

01/21/2016 WEConnect: New OSHA Citations and Penalties, Media Training


12/09/2015 WEConnect: Annual Membership Meeting & Awards Dinner Recap

11/25/2015 WEConnect: Annual Membership Meeting, Photos from Awards Dinner, and Oil Train Response Conference

11/10/2015 WEConnect: A Day’s Work Film Screening, Hazards Training & Awards Dinner

10/26/2015 WEConnect: WEConnect Inaugural Edition

WEC previously distributed a hard copy newsletter called WEC@Work. For access to our archives, please contact us.