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December 2021 WEConnect: WEC is Hiring! Advance Clean Truck Rule Adopted, Public Hearing – Public Bank, Prevent Chemical Disasters Program, Mercury Floor Update, WEC Membership Mtg. Recap

November 2021 WEConnect: Public Bank Hearing, WEC Membership Mtg., OSH Training, Farewell Berenice, OSHA ETS, Money for Schools

October 2021 WEConnect: Good, Green Jobs, COSHCON 2021, CDC Booster Shot Recommendations, Striketober, Heat Stress Standard, CSB Congressional Hearing

September 2021 WEConnect: NJ Wind Port Groundbreaking, Green Infrastructure and Public Banking, Saving Lives, Protecting Workers re-launch, Ida Devastation, New Vaccine Mandate, CDC Study on Unvaccinated Mortality

August 2021 WEConnect: Hottest July on Record, Internship Opportunity, WEC Comments to EPA, Saving Lives, Protecting Workers Returns, Training Opportunities, Masks Required in Schools, Delta Variant, Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, School Underfunding, New York City Public Bank

July 2021 WEConnect: Delta Variant, Classroom Temperature Controls, Chemical Safety Review Board, Absurd Inequality, Energy Costs, Electric Trucks, COVID trainings

June 2021 WEConnect: Paterson EA Fight for H&S, New EPA Chemical Safety Rule, San Francisco & Public Bank, COVID Training

May 2021 WEConnect: WEC Awards Celebration June 16, Advanced Clean Trucks Rule, NYC & Public Bank, Welcome Walter Diaz, COVID Trainings

April 2021 WEConnect: Public Bank, WEC 2020 Year in Review, Offshore Wind, Vaccine Resources & More

March 2021 WEConnect: Public Bank NOW, Right to Know, COVID Updates, Pro-Act, Vaccine Resources & More

February 2021 WEConnect: Green Economy Council, Public Bank Webinar, COVID Updates, Time 4 Turbines Recap & More

January 2021 WEConnect: WEC + National Award, Time for Turbines, Transit Equity Day, COVID Vaccine, Public Bank, OSW Op-ed

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