For decades, our state had enacted landmark environmental and worker protection policies. However, when Governor Christie took office during a severe recession, the political landscape changed abruptly. The Governor discredited and shrank the role of state government, often with bipartisan support.

Threats to safeguards arise from an approach which suggests that regulation “kills jobs” and growth. Save Our Safeguards (incorporating Forward, Not Back) is a campaign to maintain sensible safeguards and promote an alternative vision that environmental and workplace protections are needed and are good for our economy.

Campaign Goals

  • To protect and strengthen sensible public safeguards for our health and safety in our communities.
  • Oppose new or resurgent threats to New Jersey’s overall regulatory process.
  • Maintain public support for specific safeguards, and particularly New Jersey’s programs to ensure the right to know, prevent pollution and toxic catastrophes, and to protect whistleblowers.


Why Responsible Legislators Should Support Good Jobs and Strong Safeguards for Workers and Communities – Factsheet

The Truth About Safeguards and Jobs – Powerpoint


Waivers for Sale! DEP’s Auction Starts Today
August 1, 2012
Coalition asks Legislature to stop Governor Christie’s Pay-to-Play Policies

State begins taking applications to waive environmental rules, angering activists
August 6, 2012
by Megan DeMarco

Environmental Regulatory Shift in N.J. Draws Praise and Concern
March 21, 2011 – Philadelphia Inquirer
by Maya Rao

Environmental and Labor Groups Blast Gov. Christie for Waiver Rule
March 8, 2012 – Press Release
Press Release from labor and environmental organizations

Responding to issuance of a final rule by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) encouraging DEP to grant waivers to corporations seeking to avoid health and environmental safeguards, environmental and labor organizations issued a joint statement.

Spotlight: Oil Worker and Activist: John Pajak (WEC President)
June 10, 2010 – NJ Spotlight
by Tom Johnson

N.J. Coalition Petitions Lawmakers to Kill Bill Against Tougher Safety, Conservation, Health Rules
June 9, 2010 – The Star Ledger
by Brian Murray

Press Release from Majority Leader Buono
June 7, 2011

Press Release from Save Our Sensible Safeguards
June 9, 2010

Corporate power and influence often thwarts progress on a range of public policies. Even when there is clear preference on issues of public health, environmental protection, workers’ rights, and civil rights, good public policy gets warped by narrow corporate interests and we lose. Time and again, business and industry have aligned with the very wealthy to prevent progress on the minimum wage, earned sick time, chemical safety, environmental safeguards, and worker health initiatives, among other issues.

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