Each year more than 2,500 New Jersey workers die and more than 14,000 suffer from work-related diseases. About 135,000 workers are injured. Too often, this grisly toll is accepted as “the cost of doing business.” Yet, these injuries, illnesses, and deaths are preventable.

WEC’s Workplace Safety and Health programs include provision of strategic assistance, workshops, speakers, and publications about job hazards and how to prevent them.

WEC also provides health and safety training. Learn more about our training program.


  • WEC has worked with many different unions and employers to stop and/or prevent a wide range of workplace safety and health dangers through organizational and technical consultation and training.
  • With the Health Professionals and Allied Employees, Communications Workers of America, United Steelworkers, NJ Nurses Association, and other healthcare unions, WEC has trained hundreds of workers about preventing healthcare hazards.
  • Working with the Communications Workers of America, New Jersey Education Association, and other public worker unions, WEC won amendments to NJ’s unique Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Act Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Standard. The new rules: a) expand the definition of an office building to include schools; b) define “Sick Building Syndrome,” making it a trigger for employers to investigate; c) ensure that the employer’s “designated person” has the necessary knowledge d) require repairs of water intrusion and cleanup of wet materials within 48 hours; e) require airing out before re-occupancy after renovations or construction; and f) clarify that hazards must be reviewed before construction chemicals are selected, not just before their use.


Public Service Announcements produced by the New Jersey Work Environment Council for broadcast on television, radio station and for on-line distribution. These PSA spots provide education and training on important workforce health and safety topics.