Some New Jersey Amazon workers upset by an imminent job site closing walked out in solidarity Wednesday, June 1.

Bellmawr, NJ – One Bellmawr worker told Eyewitness News he felt he was being treated like “warehouse machinery,” not people.

Amazon is reportedly closing the Camden County facility and forcing them to take shifts at a warehouse further away, the outlet said.

But an Amazon spokeswoman said that Bellmawr’s employees are being offered opportunities to work at five different sites that are as close as nine miles from their current location….

Debra Coyle, Executive Director, NJ Work Environment Council, said, “The New Jersey Work Environment Council stands in solidarity with the Amazon workers that walked off the job early Wednesday morning at the facility in Bellmawr,”

“It’s time Amazon, who made record profits during the pandemic, stops putting profit over people and prioritizes their workers’ needs including a living wage, good benefits, and safe working conditions,” Coyle said…..

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