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NJ Senate Revives Weinberg’s Oil Train Transparency Bill Chris Christie Vetoed

The New Jersey Senate Transportation Committee approved an oil train transparency bill on Monday, reviving an effort that had been stymied by former Gov. Chris Christie. The legislation, S-1883, would require railroads to develop oil spill response plans in case of a derailment. The bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck, would also [...]

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Bloomfield Mayor Venezia Joins Mayors of other Earned Sick Day Towns to Call for Statewide Action

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia joined the mayors of Jersey City, Montclair, Newark, Passaic, Morristown, and Plainfield, to call for statewide legislative action to extend coverage to all New Jersey workers; Each of these municipalities have earned sick day policies in place. "Ensuring that all workers in New Jersey have access to earned sick days [...]

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Many Poor Schools in New Jersey are Overcrowded

Two-thirds of low-income school districts in New Jersey don't have adequate space to serve their students, according to a report by the NJ Department of Education (DOE). "The report makes clear the enormous unmet needs in the SDA districts, and the continued failure of the current administration to address overcrowding and educational adequacy," said Jerell [...]

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Climate Change in New Jersey? It’s Here

Climate change is happening in New Jersey, and some of its impacts are already occurring: warmer summers, more days of extreme rainfalls, and increased frequency and intensity of floods due to rising sea levels. Hoping to kick off a statewide dialogue to fashion a comprehensive strategy for climate-change policy, Rutgers University [...]

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Offshore Wind Proponents Voice Support in Atlantic City

  In August 2010, Gov. Chris Christie signed the Offshore Wind Development Act and promised a commitment to offshore wind development in New Jersey. Seven years later, proponents of wind energy say the time for stalling is over. “For too many years, mid-August has become a bittersweet anniversary for New Jersey,” said Doug O’Malley, [...]

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Christie Vetoes Oil Train Bill

  Gov. Chris Christie refused to sign a bill Thursday that would provide local emergency responders with more information on the scores of trains hauling volatile crude oil through New Jersey, saying it could become a security threat. The measure, which was supported by firefighters, labor groups and environmentalists, required rail companies hauling hazardous materials to provide [...]

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Heat Wave Prompts Early School Dismissals

  In Plainfield, school’s out early. “It’s good because if we stayed there we would be sweating and melt or something,” said second grader Keyly Portillo. Sweat hardly describes it for Portillo. Mercury reached well above 90 today, making for hazardous conditions in some classrooms. Across the state dozens of school districts called for [...]

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Hundreds honor Workers’ Memorial Day in New Brunswick

"Hundreds of workers from community organizations, unions and faith-based groups rallied Sunday to observe Workers’ Memorial Day. Despite the Occupational Safety and Health Act, workers continue to find themselves at great risk of exposure to dangerous workplace conditions. In December 2016, Alvaro Esteban of Freehold died on the job at the Edgeboro Landfill in East Brunswick after being [...]

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