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Will NJ be a hub or bust for wind turbines?

The landmark 2010 Offshore Wind Economic Development Act should have made New Jersey a national leader in offshore wind. Yet, for seven years, little action has been taken to capitalize on this opportunity for creating family-sustaining jobs, increasing clean energy production, and stimulating economic development. Governor Christie, much like the Trump Administration has stalled, and [...]

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Sink or Swim? Time for Serious Action On Climate In NJ

The latest hurricane disasters are yet another wake-up call. Climate change is happening and causing sea-level rise, worsening storm surges, increasing air temperatures that lead to more rainfall, and boosting water temperatures — all of which make storms more severe. July 2017 was the hottest month ever measured on earth, raising the temperature (up to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer [...]

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Christie spent big on Statehouse’s ‘shameful’ health, safety conditions. Why not schools?

Christie was decisive in finding $300 million to address emergency conditions at the Statehouse.  However, the very conditions the governor decried in the Statehouse exist in public schools across New Jersey. Unfortunately, his approach to addressing similar, or worse, emergency conditions in Schools Development Authority (SDA) public schools has been woefully inadequate. Under Abbott [...]

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Unacceptable! Poor N.J. schools close because of heat wave

Thermometers are rising and more than 20,000 students in public schools in Plainfield, Trenton, and other districts throughout the state are being sent home early over the next two days. With the pressure of finals in the air, many students and school employees also have to contend with rising classrooms temperatures. Few examples so [...]

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Asbestos and Lead — Two Deadly Threats that Must Both Be Eliminated

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named asbestos as a priority chemical to be evaluated for risk, yet at the same time, asbestos inspections at schools are being eliminated, supposedly due to budget constraints. The EPA is presented with a tough decision, reminiscent of the movie “Sophie’s Choice,” when a mother arrives at [...]

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No minimum wage hike for workers, but Christie gets a book deal?

"In exchange for small-but-overdue salary increases for legislative and judicial staff,  Christie is demanding a king's ransom for himself and his inner circle. Under the terms of a plan he's pushing legislators to accept,  members of his cabinet would be in line for $34,000 annual raises. Those political appointees could see their salaries skyrocket [...]

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Gov. Christie Wants $300M To Fix His Office, But Schools Should Come First

Under the golden dome that dominates Trenton’s skyline, Governor Chris Christie recently denounced the deplorable condition of the New Jersey Statehouse. At a hastily convened announcement, Governor Christie bemoaned the quality of building that houses his office. “We have code violations throughout the place that could lead to a tragedy,” Christie told reporters as [...]

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Get The Lead Out Of N.J. Schools

Over the past year, the nation has watched a tragedy unfold in Flint, Michigan as an entire community's drinking water was contaminated with lead. Sadly, the problem extends well beyond Flint. In nearly 2,000 communities in every state across the country, tests have confirmed lead in the water coming out of residents' taps.  In [...]

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