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WEC Launches Campaign to Address Runaway Inequality

For Immediate Release, September 26, 2016 The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is pleased to announce our new campaign to address Runaway Inequality. In partnership with The Labor Institute, NJEA and New Jersey Policy Perspective, WEC is launching a campaign aimed at addressing and reversing the outsized influence of corporations and ending the financial [...]

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Labor, environmental and community organizations join Senator Weinberg calling for oil train bill

Legislators and an alliance of concerned groups rallied to call for passage of legislation that would require transparency so the public would know about high hazard cargoes traveling through their communities. "The costs of a potential disaster are astronomically high and the rail car companies are not currently required to prove they have insurance coverage [...]

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New Healthy Schools Now Campaign Organizer

The New Jersey Work Environment Council is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Healthy Schools Now Campaign Organizer. Jerell Blakeley most recently taught Civics and History at his alma mater, Trenton Central High School-West, and served as an Organizational Development Consultant with the New Jersey Education Association. As a teacher and graduate of [...]

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Report finds 63 million Americans endangered by chlorine bleach plants

Nearly 9 million in New Jersey are could be impacted by a potential disasters. Greenpeace and the New Jersey Work Environment Council co-released a new report on the safety and environmental performance of chlorine bleach plants across the United States. According to the findings, 86 facilities throughout the U.S. continue to needlessly use huge quantities [...]

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The NJWEC, NJIUC, and 25 other Organizations Applaud NJ Supreme Court Decision Upholding State’s Whistleblower Law

The NJ Supreme Court ruling today in Lippman v. Ethicon assures that the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) will remain a viable statute. The court rejected the argument that employees would not have whistleblower protection if identifying health and safety issues is part of their regular job duties. See the Press Release here

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