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New Jersey Work Environment Council Joins Blue Green Alliance

The Blue Green Alliance announced today that the New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) will join the national labor-environmental partnership as a New Jersey affiliate. Formed in 1986 as a result of efforts to pass the state's "Right to Know" laws about hazardous chemicals in workplaces and communities, WEC is the nation's oldest state-based labor-environmental [...]

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Governor Corzine Proposes Roll Back on Chemical Security Policy – Groups Demand Safety Not Secrecy

Twenty-seven labor, environmental, and community groups today called on Governor Jon Corzine to strike language from a proposed NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rule that could hide information about potential toxic disasters at industrial facilities from communities across the state. Sign-On Letter of Support from 27 Labor, Environmental and Community Organizations. See the Press [...]

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National Worker Safety Advocates Urge Quick Action by Obama Administration

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Health and Safety Section of the American Public Health Association released today Protecting Workers on the Job: Seven Priorities for Federalaction in 2009, a platform of recommendations aimed at reversing the erosion of the worker safety protections that has put the nation's workers at [...]

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Statement of WEC on Appointment of Lisa Jackson as EPA Administrator by the President-Elect

According to John Pajak, President of the New Jersey Work Environment Council, "While we have differences with some of Governor Corzine's environmental policies, Lisa Jackson has proven an able DEP Commissioner and has helped make New Jersey safer and more secure by adopting new and precedent-setting policies pushing chemical plants to adopt safer processing methods [...]

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