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Offshore Wind Means Blue-Collar Jobs for Coastal States

Center for American Progress and the New Jersey Work Environment Council co-released a report highlighting the jobs potential of clean energy. According to the findings, approximately 75,000 jobs could be created by the construction of offshore wind farms.   Read Full Report Press Release Center for American Progress [...]

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Access Denied: NJ Communities Remain in the Dark About Chemical Disasters

Access Denied documents how Governor Chris Christie continues to fail in carrying out his legal responsibility under federal law for ensuring that the public has access to an up-to-date Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in each of New Jersey’s counties and municipalities in the event of a chemical plant fire, explosion, or other [...]

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Chlorine Bleach Plants Needlessly Endanger Millions

Greenpeace and the New Jersey Work Environment Council co-released a report on the safety and environmental performance of chlorine bleach plants across the United States. According to the findings, nearly 9 million people in New Jersey could be impacted by a potential disaster.    Read Full Report Press Release [...]

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Sustainable and Safe Recycling: Protecting Workers Who Protect the Planet

This report offers a unique inside look at the working conditions faced by recycling workers across the United States, as well as a series of specific policy recommendations that municipal decision makers should follow to improve industry accountability and health and safety outcomes. It also includes practical recommendations for public education programs that [...]

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Danger in the Dark: How Gov. Christie Helps Oil, Chemical, and Railroad Companies Cover Up Potential Catastrophes

This report documents how the Christie administration has failed to meet his legal responsibility under federal law and used security concerns as an excuse to refuse public access to information that would allow the community to plan and prepare for a chemical disaster from a fixed facility or hazard by rail. This [...]

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Failure to Act: New Jersey Jobs and Communities are Still at Risk from Toxic Chemical Disasters

Failure to Act documents how New Jersey jobs and communities are still at risk from toxic chemical disaster – five years after the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) under former Governor Jon Corzine adopted rules to implement the NJ Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act that were supposed to drastically reduce that risk. These [...]

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