Hurricane Harvey: More Destruction with Chemical Plant Explosion

On August 31, there were two explosions at the flooded Arkema Inc. chemical plant near Houston, which was inundated with 40+ inches of rain. At least 12 emergency responders were affected by the smoke and some were taken to the hospital. The plant manufactures organic peroxides commonly used in everyday products like kitchen countertops, [...]

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Training Opportunities

WEC offers quality, interactive training using a participatory methodology that encourages problem-solving and critical thinking to address important health and safety issues in the workplace. WEC invites you to participate in two programs in September. Reduce Injury and Illness and Improve Workplace Health Training Program Thursday, September 21 8:30 AM - 1:00 [...]

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State Rejects 95% of Emergent Repairs in SDA School Buildings

After taking nearly a year to review 429 applications for so-called "emergent" (urgently needed) facilities repairs submitted by 23 former Abbott districts, the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) has approved state funding for only 15, or 5%, of the repairs. Education Law Center and the Healthy Schools Now (HSN) coalition of the NJ Work [...]

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Lead Testing Results Must Be Public

On July 13, 2016, the New Jersey State Board of Education adopted regulations regarding testing for lead in drinking water for all educational facilities.  School districts were mandated to make all test results available at the school facility and on the district's website. The regulations also require notification to the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), [...]

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Offshore Wind Proponents Voice Support in Atlantic City

  In August 2010, Gov. Chris Christie signed the Offshore Wind Development Act and promised a commitment to offshore wind development in New Jersey. Seven years later, proponents of wind energy say the time for stalling is over. “For too many years, mid-August has become a bittersweet anniversary for New Jersey,” said Doug O’Malley, [...]

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In Memoriam, Adrienne Rosner Markowitz

It is with great sadness that the New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) shares that Adrienne Rosner Markowitz, our colleague, industrial hygiene consultant and Healthy Schools Coordinator, passed away on July 24, 2017.  Adrienne had an indominable spirit and struggled with an aggressive form of breast cancer for several years.  Adrienne was a warm, loving, [...]

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Apply Now to Help Build a Movement!

Working people can’t seem to get ahead. As we watch the news, engage in our communities, and organize around our respective issues, it becomes more and more apparent that we are operating in a rigged economy, which works for the privileged few. Wall Street’s power and influence continues to thwart progress on our most [...]

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Remembering Jamie Hoyt: Fallen Worker

On November 30, 2012 Jamie Hoyt, a resident of Bogata New Jersey, and two other Labor Ready temporary workers were moving racks of computers out of a Verizon facility in Pearl River, New York. Jamie was crushed by a falling computer racks and was killed. Jamie's family agreed to speak with us at the [...]

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Christie Vetoes Oil Train Bill

  Gov. Chris Christie refused to sign a bill Thursday that would provide local emergency responders with more information on the scores of trains hauling volatile crude oil through New Jersey, saying it could become a security threat. The measure, which was supported by firefighters, labor groups and environmentalists, required rail companies hauling hazardous materials to provide [...]

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WEC Statement On Governor Christie’s Conditional Veto of S806

Gov. Christie has conditionally vetoed the Oil Train Safety bill (S806/A2463). This conditional veto puts fence line communities and first responders at risk by continuing to deny them access to information about rail hazards that other states have made available. Blocking information to local first responders is egregious and puts their lives at risk. [...]

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