Public Need Over Corporate Greed Training

The Public Need over Corporate Greed campaign presumes that fundamental social change, in New Jersey and elsewhere, can only be achieved if workers, communities, and environmental organizations join forces to combat big moneyed special interests and corporate power. We are excited to announce that we have now trained 45 trainers who are prepared to educate [...]

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Jersey Renews Kick-Off Events

The Trump election represented a body blow to the fight against climate change.  In this new era, state leadership is more important than ever.  That’s why 40 labor, environmental, faith, and community groups have come together and launched Jersey Renews, a coalition that’s rallying support for Garden State policies that will lead to climate [...]

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Time to Get The Lead Out

After the Flint lead crisis entered the public consciousness, the crisis of lead in drinking water became known as a national public health crisis. WEC was proud to stand with Environment NJ and NJ PIRG to announce the release of their jointly authored groundbreaking report ‘Get The Lead Out’ at the New Jersey Statehouse [...]

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Call for New Workplace Safety Protections to Save Thousands of Lives, Billions of Dollars

WEC joins NCOSH & other advocates call for action in local communities and workplaces The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is advocating for worker safety, and has joined a nationwide campaign to advance an action agenda for workplace safety. “Protecting Workers’ Lives and Limbs,” compiled by the National Council for Occupational Safety and [...]

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Protect Worker Health and Safety By Opposing the Passage of H.J. Res. 83

Call your US Senators to oppose passage of H.J.Res.83.  As we know, worker health and safety are closely linked to accurate workplace injury and illness data. Better records benefit both employees and employers by allowing each to become more aware of hazards, recognize patterns, and take corrective actions. In short, accurate records help protect workers, [...]

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2017 Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers' Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died on the job or suffered workplace injuries, while raising awareness to prevent future illnesses, injuries and deaths. Respect for health and safety is respect for ALL workers. Especially now, we need to stand together and demand safe workplaces, and the right to organize. [...]

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Extreme Inequality in NJ

As many Americans are painfully aware, income inequality in the United States today is extreme and growing exponentially. In fact, as of 2014, the top CEOs takes home 844 times what the average worker makes. And New Jersey is no stranger to the effects of runaway inequality, according to a recent story on WNYC, [...]

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