No minimum wage hike for workers, but Christie gets a book deal?

"In exchange for small-but-overdue salary increases for legislative and judicial staff,  Christie is demanding a king's ransom for himself and his inner circle. Under the terms of a plan he's pushing legislators to accept,  members of his cabinet would be in line for $34,000 annual raises. Those political appointees could see their salaries skyrocket [...]

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Strengthening Protections for Workers Against Wage Theft

Since 1986, the Work Environment Council of New Jersey has fought for safe, secure jobs and a healthy sustainable environment. We’ve spent years working to link workers, communities, and environmental activists through training, grassroots organizing, and policy campaigns. First and foremost, WEC is concerned with public health and the well-being of workers. But it’s important [...]

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What Is An Ideal Wage Gap?

According to public opinion polls, Americans typically believe a good pay ratio is 7 to 1. In other words, the top paid CEO in the United States should make 7 times what the average worker makes. And yet the American reality is much different. In fact, the top paid CEOs in the United States [...]

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2016 Member Meeting Recap

WEC hosted our annual membership meeting at the NJEA headquarters in Trenton, NJ on December 5. We were pleased to be joined by representatives of more than 30 organizations, most of whom are WEC members. Members in attendance voted to affirm the nominees for executive leadership. Attendees also enjoyed a panel presentation: Preparing for [...]

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Gov. Christie Wants $300M To Fix His Office, But Schools Should Come First

Under the golden dome that dominates Trenton’s skyline, Governor Chris Christie recently denounced the deplorable condition of the New Jersey Statehouse. At a hastily convened announcement, Governor Christie bemoaned the quality of building that houses his office. “We have code violations throughout the place that could lead to a tragedy,” Christie told reporters as [...]

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2016 WEC Annual Membership Meeting

Monday, December 5 12:30 p.m. NJEA Headquarters 180 West State Street Trenton, NJ Lunch will be served. FREE for WEC members, but please register! Plans for 2017 & Beyond including a panel discussion: Preparing for the Future Addressing Climate Change in New Jersey New Jersey Sea Level Rise Report [...]

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Why Are Manufacturing Jobs Really Leaving The US?

It’s no secret that many of the international trade deals made by the United States have hurt workers both here and abroad. Several political leaders have targeted deals like NAFTA, and identified them as the source of many labor issues, including diminished safety and environmental regulations, and a horrific race to the bottom for [...]

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Get The Lead Out Of N.J. Schools

Over the past year, the nation has watched a tragedy unfold in Flint, Michigan as an entire community's drinking water was contaminated with lead. Sadly, the problem extends well beyond Flint. In nearly 2,000 communities in every state across the country, tests have confirmed lead in the water coming out of residents' taps.  In [...]

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New Jersey, Standing Together

The election results on November 9th symbolized a terrible victory for the worst part of ourselves, and the worst parts of our national identity. Those results, which many of us witnessed with increasing despair in the early morning hours, will have immediate, ugly, concrete ramifications for all of us, for our culture, and for [...]

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