Immediate Action Needed: Stand Up for Worker Safety and the Environment

Call Your Congressional Representative and Congressman Frelinghuysen With Congressional Representatives heading back to their Districts, now is the time to urge your Representative to stand up for worker safety and the environment. Please ask that they oppose any budget cuts that would hinder federal and state agencies from protecting us. When Congress returns to [...]

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ELC & HSN Call on State to Address Emergent Health & Safety Repairs In Schools

The Healthy Schools Now coalition of the NJ Work Environment Council is proud to partner with Education Law Center in calling for the NJ Department of Education and NJ Schools Development Authority (SDA) to approve submitted Emergent Project requests from SDA districts.  With the most recent emergent projects submission deadline in September of 2016, [...]

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Oil Train Safety Bill Passes the Legislature

Bill will improve accountability of companies and require proactive planning The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) and allies commend the Assembly today for passing A2463, the Oil Train Safety bill. The bill ensures that owners or operators of high-hazard trains have discharge response, cleanup, and contingency plans to transport certain hazardous materials by [...]

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Public Need Over Corporate Greed Training

The Public Need over Corporate Greed campaign presumes that fundamental social change, in New Jersey and elsewhere, can only be achieved if workers, communities, and environmental organizations join forces to combat big moneyed special interests and corporate power. We are excited to announce that we have now trained 45 trainers who are prepared to educate [...]

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Jersey Renews Kick-Off Events

The Trump election represented a body blow to the fight against climate change.  In this new era, state leadership is more important than ever.  That’s why 40 labor, environmental, faith, and community groups have come together and launched Jersey Renews, a coalition that’s rallying support for Garden State policies that will lead to climate [...]

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Time to Get The Lead Out

After the Flint lead crisis entered the public consciousness, the crisis of lead in drinking water became known as a national public health crisis. WEC was proud to stand with Environment NJ and NJ PIRG to announce the release of their jointly authored groundbreaking report ‘Get The Lead Out’ at the New Jersey Statehouse [...]

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