After the Flint lead crisis entered the public consciousness, the crisis of lead in drinking water became known as a national public health crisis. WEC was proud to stand with Environment NJ and NJ PIRG to announce the release of their jointly authored groundbreaking report ‘Get The Lead Out’ at the New Jersey Statehouse on March 16.  The report grades individual states on their response to the lead crisis and makes several recommendations for how policy makers can decisively address the lead crisis.

New Jersey earned a C-, ahead of several other states, but still far from adequate.  Barely average doesn’t cut it when it comes to the health and safety of our children.  The recommendations outlined in the “Get The Lead Out’ report, if implemented, would result in significant public health improvements.  We hope that this report’s recommendations are seriously considered by our nation’s public servants, as they consider legislative solutions to the insidious crisis of lead in drinking water.  Our children deserve nothing less.


“The Healthy Schools Now coalition applauds Environment New Jersey for releasing their landmark ‘Get The Lead Out’ report. This groundbreaking report makes clear that the public health crisis of lead in water is not just a Flint issue; it’s a national and local issue with significant implications for our children here in New Jersey.  The common sense recommendations outlined in this report should be heeded by our political leaders. As stated in the report, proper analysis and aggressive remediation must be a part of legislative solutions. Bottom line, our students deserve to attend safe and healthy schools. This report shows how we can make that a reality.”

Jerell Blakeley , Healthy Schools Now with NJ Work Environment Council.
Get The Lead Out (PDF)