On November 30, 2012 Jamie Hoyt, a resident of Bogata New Jersey, and two other Labor Ready temporary workers were moving racks of computers out of a Verizon facility in Pearl River, New York. Jamie was crushed by a falling computer racks and was killed. Jamie’s family agreed to speak with us at the 2016 Workers’ Memorial Day event organized by WEC and New Labor about what happened to Jamie in the hope that future workplace injuries and deaths may be avoided.

Mike Hoyt explained how his brother Jamie was killed on the job. Jamie’s co-worker filled in some of the specifics of what happened that day.

Jamie’s sister Mary Jo Hoyt explained that despite concern about the accident, the fine levied made a statement of its own.

The family expressed concern that the risk all goes to the temp worker, not the contractor or corporation.

Mike Hoyt stressed that the temp industry is growing, but no one has a stake in safety.

Ann Hoyt, Jamie’s sister, said talking about this issue is perhaps one way to see that things change.

We also had a chance to sit down with one of Janie’s co-workers, Stephen Benjamin, who was there on the job the day Jamie was killed. Stephen described Jamie’s work ethic.

Stephen Benjamin talks about how he had concerns about how the computer racks were being transported.

Stephen Benjamin said he can’t get the image our of his mind. He can’t reconcile the fact that cutting corners cost his friend his life.

We are grateful for the willingness and courageousness of Jamie’s family for sharing the story of his death. As the Hoyt family noted, there is a real lack of accountability when companies use temporary workers and sub-contract their labor. Workers have a right to a safe workplace. If you think your job is unsafe or you have a question, contact OSHA at 1-800-321-6742. It’s confidential.

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