The Public Need over Corporate Greed campaign presumes that fundamental social change, in New Jersey and elsewhere, can only be achieved if workers, communities, and environmental organizations join forces to combat big moneyed special interests and corporate power.

We are excited to announce that we have now trained 45 trainers who are prepared to educate other activists on the economic strip mining of our economy, and how corporations and Wall Street firms have robbed our country, state, communities, and workplaces.

Second Class of Trainers for Runaway Inequality Training

Together, we are prepared to shine a spotlight, and make clear the complex economics that political elites would prefer be kept muddled and unclear. Understanding finance and how it affects us is more important now than ever, as we move into an era in which industry executives and Wall Street financiers are leading our federal agencies and setting national policy.

If you wish to arrange a training session on financialization and how it affects your community, please contact campaign organizer Brandon Castro. We don’t yet have a date set, but we’re exploring another train-the-trainer session, possibly this summer. If interested, please complete the application below.

Trainer Apprenticeship Application
Public Need Over Corporate Greed